Loungefly Disney Cinderella Princess Lenticular Series Mini Backpack


On the front, in the foreground, Cinderella is dressed in her signature blue gown. A hidden zipper follows the diagonal line of her dress and is the perfect spot for securing smaller items on your journeys. As Cinderella looks into the window, which is framed by bluebirds and decorative motifs, she sees herself, busy with her stepmother’s chores. Lenticular details offer an alternate view in which Cinderella is dancing with Prince Charming. The side pockets include memorable characters as well, including Jaq and Gus, and Perla on a spool of thread. On the back, Cinderella wears her pink ballgown. Bluebirds accompany her, along with Jaq and Gus, who make an encore appearance. 

  • Dimensions: 9” W x 10.5” H x 4.5” D

  • Material: Faux leather (polyurethane)

  • Features: side pockets, and applique, debossed, lenticular, and printed details.

This backpack is an officially licensed Disney product.