Ring-tailed Lemur Hand Puppet

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A conspicuous character with vivid striped tail, the Ring-tailed Lemur by Folkmanis® is an endearing puppet. It's made with soft plush fur and rich gray coloration. Also known for expressive facial features, stare deep into its eyes and animate the mouth and forearms to know the story of life in Madagascar.

Dimensions: 22" x 9" x 14" (length measured with tail stretched out)
Puppet Birthday: January, 2020

Facts of Interest: Lemurs are a type of primate native only to the island of Madagascar. There are around 100 species of lemurs. They chiefly live in trees (arboreal), and are active at night. The ring-tailed lemur is an endangered species. They live in social groups of about 25 individuals, they huddle together to keep warm and form social bonds, and they are entirely female dominated. There is one alpha-female that dominates the group.