Loungefly Sanrio Aggretsuko Two Face Cosplay Mini Backpack


This charming backpack features the collected, professional exterior. Aggretsuko lets her inner red panda rage with heavy metal karaoke. In a "snap", you can overlay this expressive side of Aggretsuko over the calm exterior for a brand-new look. Both faces feature flocked, applique, and embroidered details that really bring her to life. At the bottom of the backpack, her tail swings free. Over the front zipped compartment, an electric guitar keeps everything under wraps—until it’s ready to be released. On the back, Aggretsuko sets fire to a pile of skulls—and dances on them.

This backpack is an officially licensed Sanrio product.

  • Dimensions: 9” W x 10.5” H x 4.5” D

  • Material: Faux leather (polyurethane)

  • Features: Sturdy gunmetal hardware, adjustable straps, side pockets, an enamel zipper charm, and applique, flocked, embroidered, debossed, and printed details.