Pre-Order Updates

Dear customer, 

Thank you for trusting us with your preorder! We know how important these products are for you and we want to help you stay up to date on the latest news of pre-ordered products from our site. Please note that all dates are estimates. Once we receive the products, we begin to process your order to get your products to you. 

Don't see your item?  Please check back to the product page to see estimated ship dates. Products won't show up on this page until they have been confirmed that they have shipped or are being shipped by the manufacturer. Or we have received updated information from Loungefly that the product is delayed.

Item Estimated Ship Date Notes 
Goofy Skeleton Collection  Shipping Now Shipping now

Halloween Micheal Myers Collection 

Middle of September Shipping Now.  
Haunted Mansion Clock Collection Middle of September Shipping Now.
Haunted Mansion Portraits Collection Middle of September

Shipping week of 9/20/23

(Please note: If your order was placed with another pre-order that we are still waiting for, we wait till all items in an order are in-stock before shipping)

Disney Villian Print Collection Middle of September Shipping Now.

Winnie The Pooh Costume Collection

Middle of September Shipping Now.
Disney100 Celebration Cake Collection  Middle of September Shipping starts week of 9/20/23
Elvis Presley Aloha Jumpsuit Collection Mid to End of September

Pre-orders placed on 8/17/23-9/10/23 have been shipped or prepared to ship. Now working on orders placed 9/11/23.

(All pre-ordered Elvis bundles have now been shipped)

Harry Potter Buckbeak Collection Mid to end of September

We have fullfilled orders placed  between 8/30/23-9/10/23. Now working on orders placed on after 9/11/23.

(Please note: If your order was placed with another pre-order that we are still waiting for, we wait till all items in an order are in-stock before shipping)

Legendary Pictures Trick R Treat Pumpkin Collection Middle of September Shipping Now.
Marvel Shine Wolverine Collection Middle of September Shipping Now.
MGM Killer Klowns From Outer Space Collection  Middle of September Shipping Now.

Important Updates:


September Loungefly Catalog items will ship in September. Most September pre-orders are expected to start shipping mid September. Some items have not arrived and may ship last week of September.

October Loungefly Catalog items will ship in October. More precise dates will be provided when we have shipping notification from Loungefly.


ETA dates - Please Note these dates are estimates and can change. These are the dates we estimate your product will ship from our warehouse. These are based off the dates we are given from the manufacturer, as well as the amount of time we expect our team to be able to process larger pre-orders. When the manufacturer confirms the shipment to our warehouse, these dates will change to reflect when the product will be arriving at our warehouse

 *If an item says 'coming soon,' we have received confirmation that our order is being prepped by Loungefly but we have not yet received a tracking number for the shipment and cannot give an accurate shipping date. 

Questions about Pre-orders? Check out our pre-order information page here: Pre-order information