Loungefly Pixar A Bug's Life Surprise Leaf Blind Box Pin


Pins are sold individually and at random.

Step right up and see the most amazing circus bugs... err, warrior bugs of all time! Bring the magic of Pixar's "A Bug's Life" to your pin collection with these adorable blind box pins. Each box contains one randomly selected enamel pin featuring a beloved character from the film:

  • Flik: The inventive ant with a big heart
  • Atta: The responsible and caring princess
  • Heimlich: The jolly caterpillar with a love for food
  • Francis: The manly ladybug
  • Tuck and Roll: The mischievous pillbug duo
  • Rosie: The nurturing black widow spider

Enamel pins are approximately 1.5-inches tall, feature gold/silver colored hardware, and the signature crown debossed pattern on the back. Each pin is beautifully detailed and features a unique leaf-shaped design. Collect all six pins and connect them together to complete the leaf! These pins are perfect for adding a touch of Pixar magic to your backpack, jacket, or lanyard. There is a 1 in 12 chance you will find a Heimlich chase variant pin.

Who will you find inside? The mystery is part of the fun!

Please note: Each box contains one randomly selected pin. We cannot guarantee which character you will receive.