Loungefly Disney The Little Mermaid 35th Anniversary Ariel And Flounder Unisex Hoodie


This comfy hoodie features an original, large print of Ariel and Flounder. Ariel cups Flounder’s face in her hands as they share a warm and charming moment. The yellow sleeve on one side of the hoodie displays Flounder’s blue markings, and the red sleeve on the other side matches Ariel’s hair. An applique drawcord of a “dinglehopper,” at the top of the hoodie adds a playful nod to the storyline. Slip your hands into the side pockets when the weather turns chilly. And, in the dark, the outlines of Ariel and Flounder glow.

Material: Hoodie is made of French terry fabric (60% cotton, 40% polyester; ribbing and cuffs: 95% cotton and 5% Spandex).

Features: An extra-large, lanyard-style drawcord and a lined jersey hood.

This hoodie is an officially licensed Disney product.