Loungefly Disney Winnie the Pooh Heffa-Dream 3 Inch Collector Box Pin


The Heffalumps are out to steal Winnie the Pooh’s honey, even in his dreams. Lenticular features on this pin reveal two dream sequences in the cloud above Winnie the Pooh’s head. In one view, the Heffalumps have transformed into menacing hot air balloons that slurp up the honey from the jar he’s holding. In another view, Heffabees fly about, and a watering can showers Winnie the Pooh with rain as he holds a yellow umbrella.

This pin is an officially licensed Disney product.

  • Dimensions: Enamel pin is 3 inches tall and comes in a window display collector box.

  • Material: Enamel

  • Features: Pin has shiny silver-colored hardware, and the back has the signature Funko/Loungefly crown debossing, with a debossed crown that identifies the limited-edition piece count.