Loungefly Lafig Smurfs Village Life Canvas Tote Bag


Beautifully printed images, in bright and festive colors, illustrate the happy life of the Smurfs. On the front, the Smurf Village™ appears on a sunny day. Several Smurfs join hands and dance and sing in a circle. Vanity Smurf™ admires himself in a mirror, and other Smurfs go about their daily chores or pick and smell flowers. A bird flies from a nest atop one of the Smurf mushroom houses. On the back, Smurfette™ stands in front of her house. Vanity Smurf waters flowers, and Lazy Smurf™ rests amid the grass and mushrooms. The sturdy straps of this roomy tote bag reflect the color and pattern of the delightful mushrooms in the Smurf Village. 

This tote bag is an officially licensed product.

  • Dimensions: 24” W x 15” H x 6” D

  • Material: Canvas