Loungefly Peanuts Beagle Scouts 50th Anniversary Mini Backpack


This sturdy backpack features original, in-house drawn art of Snoopy and his feathered Beagle Scouts campers. There’s a slim, diagonal-shaped pocket, perfect for securing smaller items on your journeys. A circular gold metal zipper charm that says, “Beagle Scouts 50 Years,” tops off the look. All the Beagle Scouts and their leader are tucked into their sleeping bags. Above them, applique trees form a canopy. In the scene overhead, Snoopy leads the Beagle Scouts up an incline, while the moon hangs in the background. In the dark, all the stars along the top of the bag glow—and the moon does, too! On the side pockets and back, you’ll discover various prints of badges as well! Head for camp or other adventures in style.

This backpack is an officially licensed PEANUTS product.

  • Dimensions: 9” W x 10.5” H x 4.5” D

  • Material: Faux leather (polyurethane)

  • Features: Gold-colored metal hardware, adjustable padded straps, side pockets, a molded metal zipper charm, applique, debossed, and printed details.