Loungefly Toei One Piece All-Over Print Characters Full Size Nylon Backpack


Ahoy! This roomy backpack is perfect for securing the things you treasure throughout all your journeys. A motif of fan-favorite characters, framed by circles in various colors, is set against a dark sea-blue background. You might be able to spot Luffy, Usopp, Robin, Zoro, Franky, Chopper, Sanji, Nami, and Brook. A front-zipped pocket provides extra room for storing smaller items during your travels. 

This backpack is an officially licensed TOEI product.

  • Dimensions: 11.5” W x 17.5” H x 5” D

  • Material: Nylon

  • Features: Backpack features include shiny silver-colored metal hardware, padded and adjustable straps, side pockets, nylon, and printed details. Note the coordinating lining.